HSBC Shoot

Another job I had done for the agency JWT in August last year. This job was quite simple, shooting and editing with digital image. The objective was shooting a wallet then applied a graphic image of the HSBC VISA Debit card on the top of the wallet. Quite easy for me although the agency and me spent almost 2 weeks back and forth for the final revision. And I came to Malaysia right after the shoot so I had to do the digital image on my trip in Malaysia, working on phone and email with the agency, funny.

The shoot was very simple and very fast, I set all the lighting ready then Joe, the Art Director from JWT came and we shoot in 15 minutes, with several different angles to make sure that we could had enough angle to composite into the visual we want. And here are 3 final shots we chose to use for the visual:

I used a bit part from each photo above to composite together with the graphic into the visual in this layout, you can see that I used a leather material for background, required from the agency.

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