About me

Started as a graphic designer, I had done many good jobs and I’ve been so familiar with the creative and dynamic working environment in advertising agencies. After 6 years worked in the advertising industry, I found my other talent in photography. Now I am a full time photographer to satisfy my passionate of photography and to create satisfactions for my client needs.

3 years working in the industry across Australia and Vietnam has trained me a lot experiences working in professional environment. I’m grateful working with many talented people who also inspire me and be inspired by me.

(Photo by Rafik, Digital Image by me) 

Now see how Dave Reid, a makeup artist who also my friend, talk about me:
“I love the style mood and feel Lam has for his art, it’s a unique combination to be so skilled in photography and to also have an eye for fashion.
What is great about working with Lam, it is not work , it’s fun and play, enjoyable,while being utmost professional and productive.
Working with another visual artist like lam always produces magical work, as a make up artist and stylist I love that I can present my work to Lam to be inspired by, Lam then becomes the eyes and finds ways to light and compose the picture .. Lam always manages to capture perfect shot.
Co creating shoot ideas with lam is inspirational, , the hard part is settling on one idea. My favorite shoot would have to be the Harpers Bazaar shoot at Royalty Prussia. Lam was shooting a model on a million dollar table that was painted in real gold… Working on so many projects with lam also gained me a better understanding of light and capturing moods from a photographers point of view,
what I really appreciate most is Lam’s knowledge of fashion and his eye for style. He is very in tune with the ever changing moods of fashion..
I have enjoyed working with this amazingly talented and gifted man. His images are so inspiring and creative, the teams he assembles are wonderfully gifted people..
I am always impatiently waiting to see the final images from our shoots and each time I am amazed at our collaborations.”

Dave Reid