I Kissed A Girl

This shoot was responded from an assignment in CIT about a song. I chose the song "I Kiss A Girl" of Katty Perry to produce some image base on the lyric. But working with Dave Reid, a super amazingly talented makeup artist, we did create some thing very fantastic, well, at least in my opinion. We start shooting in the back seat of a Chrysler, a very luxury and spacious car. Most of the time I used only 1 reflector card to fill the subject.

We changed different looks on them:
The sun did good job as back lighting.

Then for the third look, we ran out of time so I need to setup my speedlite because there was no sun at that moment:
Lighting setup look easy to guess, check the diagram out:
Click to enlarge

And last shot of the day, I called it "When it come to an end, there's only hatred left" haha. Mainlight was all natural light.

Model:  Cathrine Norback & Lauren Ashley
MUA & Styling: Dave Ried
MUA Assistant: Julianne Nachouki


Melissa & Cordelia - Model shoot / Makeup by Kylie Bersinic

Kylie Bersinic, who is a very talented makeup artist in Canberra, asked me to do a shoot with her to expand her portfolio. Well, that's a good way to expand my portfolio working with talented people around me as well. Kylie brought one girl, Cordelia, who is not doing professional modeling, but has a very pretty face. And Elite Models sent me 1 model, Melissa, a gorgeous girl, to get her book updated. And Priya Chandra came to help with hair, she did an amazing job on those girls' hair.

I booked CIT studio to do this shoot but it was canceled in last minute (Dave called me in the night before the shoot to cancel it) then I had no choice to move the shoot into my house. Actually I didn't mind to do it at my house. We can do photoshoot everywhere as long as we know how to play with our lighting. So basically I used a white (a bit more yellow-white) wall as background and setup my flashes for this beauty shoot.

Check out behind the scene photos:
We did it in my living room, a bit messy though.

That made my lighting. I played a bit with color gels as well.

And here are the photos:
Model: Cordelia

Model: Melissa

Playing with digital art:

Makeup by Kylie Bersinic
Hair by Priya Chandra

Lydia & Simone - Model shoot

This was a model portfolio shoot for Lydia and Simone, 2 beautiful models came from Elite Models Canberra. I told them bring only underwear for this shoot.
Model: Lydia and Simone (Elite Models Canberra)
Makeup: Kylie Bersinic and Charlotte Clark
Location: CIT Studio

First lighting setup was a hikey one, easy with 2 heads and 2 white partitions.
This is the setup shot:
1 head shoot through square softbox overhead and another one through zoom reflector shoot to the white CYC background (it was cover by the partition in this photo)

Here are the results:
Model: Simone

And the second lighting setup for the rest of photos, simple with just one head through square softbox overhead, light reflected by white partitions and white board.

Model: Lydia

Last one was a beauty shot I did on Lydia, makeup by Charlotte Clark
Lighting: 1 square softbox over head and another softbox with much more stronger power bounce to the white floor.

Chloe Morello - Model shoot

Alright, this time I'm gonna show photos only. There's not much to talk about. Natural lighting, gorgeous model and a beautiful winter day. I love this shoot, it has been a long time I haven't come out to do some natural portraits like this, well, not really glam like these, but yeah, most natural they are.

Chloe did makeup for herself as she's studying makeup in CMA.

I filled flash on this one, camera left.

And my most favorite shot of the day:

-3°C outside, 100°C inside / Model shoot

Ok guys, haha, that title for the photoshoot was based on true weather in Asutralia when it was really freezing in winter last month. It's a bit warmer now when September comes and that spring comes as well but back then, it was so cold. When I walked to the studio, I check the forecast in my iPhone and it said -3°C, seriously I can breath fog as well in 9am. That's why I put that title for this shoot. And how's about "100°C inside"? You'll know soon

I'm so happy that we can access to CIT studio easier this semester. And we can play around with Broncolors, one of the best brand for lighting equipment in the world.
I have 3 models came in, Emma Wannell, Saira Mueller and Jodie Nixon. The theme, well, should be hot and sexy glamorous despite the winter coldness outside. That why "100°C inside" happen.
Makeup by Charlotte Clark

Let's check them out:

Emma Wannell
Easy lighting setup with one zoom reflector on boom over head, background was 2 white partitions put close together in end side. There is a lighting setup shot for this one, check it out.
Jodie Nixon

Then I change another lighting setup for next look of them, still played around with white partitions but this time I put a door in and switch key light to back light. The white partition did good job as a huge light reflector. Lens flare were accepted, well, that's my style as well.

Saira Mueller

Played with underexposed. 

Another lighting setup, I kinda like this one. I used 2 partitions to block the light to create a very narrow and long light fall on the model and even on the CYC wall.

And the next lighting setup, again, white partitions and the props door, with 2 overhead zoom reflectors. There is a lighting setup shot for this one, check it out.

Last one, I play with a .. supermarket rack as cookies, LOL, to create some cross shadows on Saira:

And that's it. Working with 3 gorgeous models and various lighting setups, I've got heaps of photos after the shoot. But I was so lazy to edit them, as usual, so I just picked out a few good ones to post them here. More will come, well, when I get some spare time to do.

Melissa Tan - Tribal Princess

It was a shoot with Melissa Tan, a fantastic model who came from Malaysia. And this was our last chance working together before she traveled back to Malaysia when she finished her degree in Australia. We decided to go with the warrior / tribal style and Anna Dixon lent us some fabulous wardrobe and accessories that looked so good in the style I like.

Here are photos:

Check the text in the images for credits.