Allura Maison - Model shoot

A shoot I had on this Wednesday, with Allura, a very talented and beautiful model. This time we got Beau & Arrow label for wardrobe and I love their dresses, very cute, feminine and sexy.

We had some shoot at Dendy car park first, I love how natural light falls off on the model.

Then we moved to Braddon to shoot in an alley created by 2 building. I tried to make my flash falls on Allura as sun light so I use bare flash, power at 1/2, 6 meters far from her and open wide at 24m. I think it worked.
Crop from the photo above.

Finally we move to a corner in front of Uni Lodge, this time I use the cars' headlights as backlight.
 And another shot in BW
Model: Allura Maison
MUA: Kylie
Hair: Priya
Dresses: Beau & Arrow

• For the shot at the alley, there was a car in the photo, I need to removed it by Photoshop just because it was there like an hour and didn't move anywhere else. You can also notice that I 'enhance' Allura hair a bit to make her hair look more glamourous.

Look at the crop image again to see if you can tell that some more parts of her hair were drawn by Photoshop. 

• Backstage vid captured by my iPhone. I'm thinking to ask someone help me to film backstage vid next time. 

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  1. "anh" Lam uses photoshop like master... could you give me some tricks..plz.z.z.z