Editorial get published on Harper's Bazaar Vietnam first issue

Well sorry folks for being so inactive for half a year since my last entry in November last year. Things has been changing a lot and now I'm relocated in Melbourne. Melbourne is a great city for living and working with so many different places to go and many kind of people to hook up. I really enjoy it here.

Anyway, enough with my little story of my personal life. Now I'm proudly to announce to you guys about my shoot for Harper's Bazaar Vietnam first issue and I'm still very excited about this. The publishing day was 27th of June and it was just 4 days ago. Well, it's Bazaar and it's big. And I had a chance to work with a great team shooting in Sydney especially with stylist Lorena Perez Lira who already worked in the industry for six years. She has amazing eyes of details in styling and she pulled great outfits for the shoot. We got Alex Perry, Aurelio Costarella .. and they're top designers in Australia and also very internationally.
Model is Dani Seitz who's American, came to Sydney for Fashion Week and was represented by Chadwick Models.
I also need to talk about the location. It was the Royalty Prussia showroom on Williams street, Sydney and it was an AMAZING place. They have so many excess luxury items in store for example there was one dining table which Dani was lying on for 1 look during the shoot, cost around 1 millions dollars, took 5 years to finish manufacturing and it was SOLD. There was a bed which also was in the shoot as well, cost around 1.5 mils. That's so crazy and it's kind of once in a life time opportunities to shoot there with those crazy expensive items. 

Let's have a look at the photos. I'll upload a behind the scene video for this one soon.

1 million dollars dining table 

And here is the 1.5 mils bed. ~_~

Photographer: Lam Tran
Fashion Stylist: Lorena Perez Lira
Hairstylist: Peter Avalon
Make Up Artist: Dave Reid
Model: Dani Seitz / Chadwick Models
Photographer Assistant: Ha Viet Bui
Stylist Assistant: Vanessa Espinosa Cofre

Shot on location at the Royal Prussia showroom

Alex Perry: www.alexperry.com.au
Aurelio Costarella: www.aureliocostarella.com
Carl Kapp: www.carlkapp.com
Christian Louboutin: www.christianlouboutin.com
Gail Sorronda: www.gailsorronda.com
Jayson Brunsdon: www.jaysonbrunsdon.com
Love Atiara: www.loveatiara.com
Nomiki Glynatsis Couture: www.nomikiglynatsiscouture.com.au
Rachel Gilbert: www.rachelgilbert.com
Samantha Wills: www.samanthawills.com.au
Thurley: www.thurley.com.au

Here is people behind the images:
Left2Right: Peter Avalon (hair), Lorena Perez Lira (stylist), Addi Watter (floral artist), Dave Reid (makeup), Vanessa Espinosa Cofre (styling assistant) and me

They have a small column of me in the contributor page. Well, at least now you now how do I look (if you never been in my About Me page LOL)

I think I will be back to blogging and spend more time with it. More images and writing will be up soon. Stay tuned!


Lauren Ashley & Chloe Morello

It was a fun day shooting with Lauren & Chloe. We used Elite Models Canberra studio to shoot. There was only grey seamless paper in the studio, no lighting, so I had to use my speedlites most of the time. But it was still good to work with a proper background. Dave Reid, again, did an amazing job to change 5 different looks on 2 girls in 3 hours shooting.

We did different style, just for fun, anything could came up from our minds. We played with natural lighting as well:

Natural lighting and a bit long exposure:

And with seamless paper:


1 light:

2 lights:


Photshoot for Jolina makeup

Ah, this shoot was in 5th of November, almost 2 months ago but I forgot to put them up. As you can see below, flowers has been used.

Not much to say, just, I mostly focused on the makeup but not too close on the face only.

This photo was lit up by natural sunlight.

And for this last one, here is the lighting setup:
Quite simple then.

Model: Felissa, Maria & Priya
MUA: Jolia O'Hair
Stylist: Sophia 
Floral designer: Jade

Floral photoshoot in Elite Canberra "v.2.0"

So guys, the vid above is the behind the scene vid for the florist photoshoot "version 2.0". It was a great day. So many good photos we have. Check the vid for my lighting setup and credits info.

Also you can check the photos here in the slide show:

I put here some photos of my fav:


Photoshoot in Elite Canberra

I had a chance to do a wonderful photoshoot in late October in Elite Canberra casting day. The main event was casting, but they need to do a photoshoot there to demonstrate for all the wannabe models can see how it works in the industry by working with a team to achieve a fantastic look. And one big thing to me, FTV came to film us. I've been very exciting to wait for their footage aired on Channel 10.
The ekip, again, led by Dave Reid, yes, the amazing Dave Reid. He did the art direction for flower headpieces, makeup and hair. We had Adi from Lil Blossom Boutique Florist in Canberra came and sponsor all the flowers to made all the amazing looks happened.
This time we had Hannah Billing, a 14 years old girl who hasn't modeled before, came and modeled for us. She's so gorgeous with innocent pure angelic looking. Check out the behind the scene video for everyone's hard working.

And here are a few photos from the shoot have been done with post processing:

As in the video you can see my lighting setup was kinda simple with just 2 speedlites with softbox on axis against a white wall. Here is it:
Quite simple but very effective.

After this shoot, we did another one with this florist theme as well and that was another fantastic shoot, everything look so fascinating. Here is some sneak peak:
So stay tuned for the next entry will ya.