Clint Domine - Model Shoot

I had a shoot with Clint last week. He was a very good model and his figure looks so cool on the photos. Plus he was mixed from Vietnamese & French so he has a very orientation look. We drove to Bungadore and tended to have a shoot at the rail station but we had trouble with a security guard there, he said we need permission to take photo in that area and after we made about 10 calls around, we found out that we need to fill a form to ask for permission and it would take about ... 1 week for feedback. We gave up Bungadore and drove back to Fyshwick. On the way back, we stopped at a rail bridge that look very cool and had some shots over there.
Someone told a joke that Clint looks like the Hulk in this photo haha but I think his muscles look so cool.

Then we came to a junkyard in Fyshwick and had our shoot over there and that was the last location:
I used harsh lighting on him because I wanted to create a very rough & strong look for a male model. I didn't even need to retouch his skin so smooth as I did in other photos of femal models.
From this location I used 2 lights most of time to create some kind of cross lighting on Clint.

2 naked flashed behind 2 sides of model, created strong highlight on each of his side.

For the last shot, I told Clint to stay behind his wheel inside his Supra and I will shoot from outside. I used the light to create a little bit feel of cinematic scene. 16:9 is a very good crop on this one. I also change to color tone to make it look like a movie captured.

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