Hair shoot

I had a shoot last week which was a hair shoot and that was some kind of shoot I like to do. It was a collaboration between the hairdresser, MUA, fashion designer and me, photographer of course. The selected photos will be used to apply in to a hair competition. Talking about hair and beauty shoot, although it not always a must to shoot inside studio but it's necessary to do that in studio so we can easily control the light to make things pop out as the way we want. So I've emailed to Julian to ask him for CIT studio using and lucky me, he agreed to let us access to CIT studio for the shoot.

And I need to say that, CIT studio equipments are amazingly good. Most of them are Broncolor and that's the best brand for lighting stuff in the world professional industry. So having chance playing around with them were really cool for me especially when I'm still in first year in CIT and CIT studios are priority uses for third year only.

Before the shoot, I haven't planned anything for the lighting setup and I didn't even have any reference setup as well. But when entering a large white space in the studio, I decided to have a very clean lighting focus on the hair from the top, with too black card on both side to block reflected light from around. I also came up with 2 heads on the wall but I decided to turn them off so it was mainly one Broncolor head shoot thru large square softbox on boom from above. After a few shots, I added a Broncolor ring flash on my lens to have a little fill directly to the shadow on model's face and the ring flash did a great job. Then I put one strip box behind model to add some rim lights.
You can see the setup here:

And here is the behind the scene photo with the model is Benita and the MUA that I haven't got her name.

And here are some final photos:

 Model: Benita, Mick
Hair: Priya
Wardrobe: Anna
MUA: ?

The models were actually not professional models, they were only model for hair but the competition requires 1 more look of half/full body of every model so we need to came up with half body shots. And I think both Benita and Mick did great jobs posing in front of camera that way. Bravo guys!!!

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