Melissa Tan - Model shoot

I had a photoshoot on last Saturday with Melissa Tan and that was a great shoot to both of us. It could be considered as a model test. Melissa Tan is a fantastic model, she did a great job on posing, very inspiration. She came from Malaysia and studying in Canberra now and she has worked in the professional industry before. I was happy to shoot with her.
The shoot, actually was involved by the model and me. There was my girlfriend's little sister came over to assist with the light for a while but most of the time was only 2 of us. To be honestly, this is my very first model shoot in Canberra, that means almost 2 month since I left Vietnam. It can explain why did I feel so excited.
The location was mainly in the back alley near the bus interchange in Civic. We played around with some doors, stair steps and even a truck. Most of the time I use 2 lights, they are Canon 580EX (with honeycomb grid) and Nikon SB28. And when the sun went lower, I had some chance to let the sun light behind Melissa as a back light. Then the final shot I use the sun light directly on her as key light. Let's check them out

There was a lovely stair that I could came up with this very nice composition.

This shot, her hair wasn't lit by the flash I put in the alley but was lit by the sun light.

In this shot I used the sun light as key light. 


  1. có mấy tấm cuối có vệt trắng mờ mờ ở góc bên phải... Do nắng hay do gì vậy anh?

  2. đó là flare khi chụp ngược sáng

  3. e rất thích các pics BW,a chụp set mode BW tren camera luon, hay edit ben Adobe hả anh?

  4. Hình nào BW là chụp từ BW picture style trên camera luôn. Vì nếu chụp ảnh màu rồi convert sang BW trên photoshop sẽ bị mất thông tin màu nên hình sẽ bị bệt và nhợt nhạt, thiếun contrast. Tốt nhất là chụp BW trên camera hoặc chụp RAW