Shooting at fitness center

One of my favorite jobs, I've always wanted to shoot some gymnastic photos inside fitness center. I like to focus on their facial expressions and all of the efforts. Then I've got one job from the magazine I've done many fashion editorials for them. This time they asked me to shoot an commercial fashion editorial inside a fitness center with a model in sport outfit.
Unfortunately, the client needed the photos should focus on the outfit only, no need for much facial expression and, the model, despite a perfect figure body, she could only do cold face, that is very suitable for fashion shoot but not for this shoot.
Anyway, everything was set from the client and I was happy with the location they've chosen, California WOW, the best fitness center in Vietnam (as I've known).
So it's about time for the shoot. As usual, I use my small flashes for on-location shoots, this time I've used 2 flashed, 1 Canon 580EX shoot thru translucent umbrella for key light and 1 'nude' Nikon SB26 for back light, all wireless triggered.
Except the shot with the bikes, most of the rest I shot about 1 stop underexposed for the ambient so that I can focus the light on the model to make her pop out from the background.

Here are those shots:
Model: Thái Hà
Outfit: Sloggy Sporty
Location: WOW California

I was quite happy with them though. These shot was published on December 2009.

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