Photshoot for Jolina makeup

Ah, this shoot was in 5th of November, almost 2 months ago but I forgot to put them up. As you can see below, flowers has been used.

Not much to say, just, I mostly focused on the makeup but not too close on the face only.

This photo was lit up by natural sunlight.

And for this last one, here is the lighting setup:
Quite simple then.

Model: Felissa, Maria & Priya
MUA: Jolia O'Hair
Stylist: Sophia 
Floral designer: Jade


  1. I am no model or fashion photographer, but may i say one thing. There is no seperation between your subject and background. Take the last photo as example, the back ground is too busy, given the lighting is too bright and flat; stopping it down -2 or so, and use the gold side reflector would save the picture. It's just my opinion.

  2. Thanks for your comment, but that's no need to. Anything I did, it had to have purposes

  3. Hello , on facebook i found a page that uses your pictures as their own .. thought i should warn you

    here's the link