Photoshoot in Elite Canberra

I had a chance to do a wonderful photoshoot in late October in Elite Canberra casting day. The main event was casting, but they need to do a photoshoot there to demonstrate for all the wannabe models can see how it works in the industry by working with a team to achieve a fantastic look. And one big thing to me, FTV came to film us. I've been very exciting to wait for their footage aired on Channel 10.
The ekip, again, led by Dave Reid, yes, the amazing Dave Reid. He did the art direction for flower headpieces, makeup and hair. We had Adi from Lil Blossom Boutique Florist in Canberra came and sponsor all the flowers to made all the amazing looks happened.
This time we had Hannah Billing, a 14 years old girl who hasn't modeled before, came and modeled for us. She's so gorgeous with innocent pure angelic looking. Check out the behind the scene video for everyone's hard working.

And here are a few photos from the shoot have been done with post processing:

As in the video you can see my lighting setup was kinda simple with just 2 speedlites with softbox on axis against a white wall. Here is it:
Quite simple but very effective.

After this shoot, we did another one with this florist theme as well and that was another fantastic shoot, everything look so fascinating. Here is some sneak peak:
So stay tuned for the next entry will ya.


  1. cách setup đèn của Bác thật hiệu quả

  2. Amazing shots. Well done.

  3. I llooooove all of your photos!!! I think your super amazing and I think its great that you share your talent and skill with everyone!

  4. Đẹp quá anh ạ!!! Nhất là màu sắc, xem mà nổi hết cả da gà :)

  5. What happened to your vampita.com? =(