Before / After

Ok, I usually don't upload Before / After photo like this because the model could be upset to see her original photo hahah joking but this time is an exception. I just want to show how a photo can be fixed in a digital way. You can notice that I haven't changed the color tone as well. And I haven't fixed her hairs on the forehead edge although I can do it easily drawing some hairs with my Wacom tablet. I'll show another Before / After photo next time.

Model is Kakao (her real name is Tú Thanh but she prefer to be called as Kakao), although she doesn't work in the industry as a professional model but she's one of my favorite model that I've worked for a few photoshoot.
MUA is Trân

One of our published job, this was one of my very first magazine shoot, was done in Nov 2008

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