One Light / Model: Hanni

I kinda like to play with one light especially when I shoot on location because I like to balance between ambient lighting and my flash lighting. But even when I shoot in studio I still sometime like to play one light although there were always at least 4 strobes around me lol.
Here is an example, this is a shoot was done in Jan 2010 with model Hanni (Ngọc Hân), I played around with 1 strobe bouncing to a large umbrella (60" i think) and 2 white cardboard to have a very little fill light to the shadow on her face (i.e below her eyes, nose ...) The fact is I didn't want to get rid of those shadow. I like to had them there to create some sad feeling in the photo. Using the white cardboard help me keep some detail inside the shadow area.


And here is the lighting setup:
Very simple setup yet I could create some kind of "emotion lighting" for portrait photo.

One more photo from this setup:

Bonus: 1 more from the shoot with different lighting setup

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  1. nice set, Vamp!
    it's really nice!