Melissa & Cordelia - Model shoot / Makeup by Kylie Bersinic

Kylie Bersinic, who is a very talented makeup artist in Canberra, asked me to do a shoot with her to expand her portfolio. Well, that's a good way to expand my portfolio working with talented people around me as well. Kylie brought one girl, Cordelia, who is not doing professional modeling, but has a very pretty face. And Elite Models sent me 1 model, Melissa, a gorgeous girl, to get her book updated. And Priya Chandra came to help with hair, she did an amazing job on those girls' hair.

I booked CIT studio to do this shoot but it was canceled in last minute (Dave called me in the night before the shoot to cancel it) then I had no choice to move the shoot into my house. Actually I didn't mind to do it at my house. We can do photoshoot everywhere as long as we know how to play with our lighting. So basically I used a white (a bit more yellow-white) wall as background and setup my flashes for this beauty shoot.

Check out behind the scene photos:
We did it in my living room, a bit messy though.

That made my lighting. I played a bit with color gels as well.

And here are the photos:
Model: Cordelia

Model: Melissa

Playing with digital art:

Makeup by Kylie Bersinic
Hair by Priya Chandra


  1. Tấm thứ 3 từ cuối lên rất ấn tượng cả về photo (bokeh phía trước model làm cho ảnh dreamy - có phải anh xịt nước ko? :-s) và makeup (đặc biệt là phần môi) :D

  2. Dep qua Lam.
    Ngay xua chup dep roi, bay gio con khung hon.
    May tam outdoor, anh sang dep qua

  3. What is that circle on your flash?

  4. It's an ring-mount so can attach a softbox on.

  5. strobist đơn giản mà hiệu quả