-3°C outside, 100°C inside / Model shoot

Ok guys, haha, that title for the photoshoot was based on true weather in Asutralia when it was really freezing in winter last month. It's a bit warmer now when September comes and that spring comes as well but back then, it was so cold. When I walked to the studio, I check the forecast in my iPhone and it said -3°C, seriously I can breath fog as well in 9am. That's why I put that title for this shoot. And how's about "100°C inside"? You'll know soon

I'm so happy that we can access to CIT studio easier this semester. And we can play around with Broncolors, one of the best brand for lighting equipment in the world.
I have 3 models came in, Emma Wannell, Saira Mueller and Jodie Nixon. The theme, well, should be hot and sexy glamorous despite the winter coldness outside. That why "100°C inside" happen.
Makeup by Charlotte Clark

Let's check them out:

Emma Wannell
Easy lighting setup with one zoom reflector on boom over head, background was 2 white partitions put close together in end side. There is a lighting setup shot for this one, check it out.
Jodie Nixon

Then I change another lighting setup for next look of them, still played around with white partitions but this time I put a door in and switch key light to back light. The white partition did good job as a huge light reflector. Lens flare were accepted, well, that's my style as well.

Saira Mueller

Played with underexposed. 

Another lighting setup, I kinda like this one. I used 2 partitions to block the light to create a very narrow and long light fall on the model and even on the CYC wall.

And the next lighting setup, again, white partitions and the props door, with 2 overhead zoom reflectors. There is a lighting setup shot for this one, check it out.

Last one, I play with a .. supermarket rack as cookies, LOL, to create some cross shadows on Saira:

And that's it. Working with 3 gorgeous models and various lighting setups, I've got heaps of photos after the shoot. But I was so lazy to edit them, as usual, so I just picked out a few good ones to post them here. More will come, well, when I get some spare time to do.

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  1. I seriously love your work :) Been following you since back in the day in VN shooting young teenage models in natural lighting. You have very good taste in selecting models i must say :D, or at least the ones you chose to post. Your photography is exactly my cup of tea. Such a pleasure to look at every time.
    I take it as you are in school now? Well, whatever you doing will take you very far. Please keep these hotness coming. haha..