Lydia & Simone - Model shoot

This was a model portfolio shoot for Lydia and Simone, 2 beautiful models came from Elite Models Canberra. I told them bring only underwear for this shoot.
Model: Lydia and Simone (Elite Models Canberra)
Makeup: Kylie Bersinic and Charlotte Clark
Location: CIT Studio

First lighting setup was a hikey one, easy with 2 heads and 2 white partitions.
This is the setup shot:
1 head shoot through square softbox overhead and another one through zoom reflector shoot to the white CYC background (it was cover by the partition in this photo)

Here are the results:
Model: Simone

And the second lighting setup for the rest of photos, simple with just one head through square softbox overhead, light reflected by white partitions and white board.

Model: Lydia

Last one was a beauty shot I did on Lydia, makeup by Charlotte Clark
Lighting: 1 square softbox over head and another softbox with much more stronger power bounce to the white floor.

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