Sam Rooney - Cricket Player

This shoot was for my assignment at school. We supposed to shoot a single portrait of a model to make it look like a magazine editorial. Most of other classmates try female model and do fashion. But I've done female models already in Group Portrait assignment (post will coming soon) so this time I decided to shoot a male model. And I ask Sam (he's boyfriend of Elizabeth Payne in the Ferrari shoot) to help me out with this assignment. And actually, Sam has been played cricket professional for a while so I decided to use that theme.

Here is the lighting setup:
Because I wanted to create a better wrap-around-highlight on Sam so I used 1 large square softbox on a boom and put it high above and on axis with the camera. I added 1 stripbox on camera left to add some more harsh rim light on Sam.
Please notice that we're not allowed to use flash for this assignment so all the lighting I used was only from modeling lamps. So basically, I shoot around f/4, ISO 400 and shutter speed 1/60th

And the results are:
For image processing, I only applied a little Burn and Dodge technique on this photo. Remember that the original photo should already have contrast in highlight and shadow to get more efficiency for this technique.

Next entry will be hair shoot for Priya Chandra, hair stylist:


  1. I really like the fact that you're challenging yourself for some of your assignment work. You'd almost certainly get straight A's just for doing your gorgeous female model shots... but instead you chose to do something a bit different and did a guy. Awesome!

  2. May I know what wireless flash trigger you're using? I plan to buy the Canon Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 but don't know if it's compatible if later I want to expand with other strobes and lights.

    By the way, I really really love your work. You're a very talented guy.

  3. Thanks. I'm using a wireless trigger system made in China, called Youngnou (they have various models for you to select. The best, I think, is RF-602) which can use on any kind of speedlite and monoblock / powerpack. ST-E2 is good to trigger and compensate Canon flashes in TTL mode but I don't think it could be used for other strobes.