Anne Louise Clare Hackett - Model shoot

Anne is a new starting model who ask me to help her expand her portfolio. I was a bit busy with lots of school assignment at that time but I still managed to take her out for 2 hours shooting. Most of the time in the shoot I use natural lighting:

Anne has lovely eyes and innocent cute face so I asked her not to do so much posing, I want to focus on her emotional look only.
But at the end of the shoot, we found an alley outside a building and there was some giant tires over there could be good for props, then we ended up with this shoo, and I really like it:
In this photo I use 1 flash high above model right and another flash I put on the ground behind the tire.
For the photoshop effect, nothing special, Add Noise, Motion Blur and Overlay (you can easily figure it our, right?)


Model:  Anne Louise Clare Hackett
Makeup artist: Judy Stone

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