Emotional Dusk Lighting

Ok, I just want to share with you guys some small tips to create a very emotional 'dusk lighting' as I used in the shoot with Elizabeth Payne (View post here)

The point is, you should choose to use the ambient light very carefully and to do this, you need to get some lucks then, because not everyday could be a beautiful sunny day. So the first thing to do, you should do the shoot around 3:30pm to 5pm and it depends on the weather (it's Fall in Australia now so the sun come down very fast, different with summer, we still have sun light at 8pm).
The second thing is, adjust your White Balance setting into 5500K. If you use Auto White Balance to shoot when sunset, your camera will automatically adjust the color temperature into lower than 5000K to make your photo look 'cooler' against the 'warm' color temperature of the environment.

Then, use Color Balance in your Photoshop to adjust the color a bit (Image -> Adjustments -> Color Balance) with some setting like this:
You can see that it just slightly shift the color tone a bit to more yellow and red because I don't want to blend the color a lot and I still want to keep the color of the clothes as well.
Then use the final trick to make to photo look warmer: Photo Filter (Image -> Adjustments -> Photo Filter)

You can also want to use Hue / Saturation to give more saturation on Yellow and Red, but it depends on the photo you want to edit.

And that's it, now we can see the result:

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