Emma Wannell - Model shoot

This photoshoot with Emma last weekend was the first shoot that i've done outside Canberra. It was in Queanbeyan, a small country town that I've had a field trip there with CIT in this entry. 
We drove around for location scouting then we decided to shoot at the Railway Station and the old cemetery (I've asked Emma if she has any issue shooting in a cemetery or not and she said: "no", excellent). I was excited for the shoot at the old cemetery because I've never done that before in Vietnam. Kylie came at 4.00pm then she started to makeup for Emma and she did a great job on the makeup. Kylie made it look exactly like what both Emma and me want and I love the makeup.

We started to shoot at 5.00pm, began with the railway and I took a couple shots with the sun behind Emma as backlight. I mainly used 1 naked flash to lit her up.
The last photo use only ambient lighting as key light.

After that we entered an old warehouse just very close to the railway station for a couple shots inside it. This time I used another flash for kicker.
We were lucky to find a chair without legs so I can came up with the photo above and I love it, esp Emma's facial expression.
But so bad, the sun went down so fast that day and we couldn't made it to the old cemetery. So we need to plan for that location next time then.


  1. MerryBathCelestial8 April 2010 at 1:04 am

    Wow! Simply gorgeous! Incredible work!